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Symposion - 

a European Network for Teacher Education 

„Symposion“ is a platform for developing and encouraging cooperation and promoting a European and international dimension in Educational Fields.


  • Create a forum to pursue a meaningful relationship for future cooperation and to explore each other’s potentials,
  • Sharing and developing common values about education and developing new ideas on what education could be,
  • Sharing of information on educational, political and cultural issues through annual meetings and a common website,
  • Stimulate cooperation within the network to design and implement common educational programmes or projects,
  • Sharing ideas and examples of good practice as e.g. in the framework of Internationalisation of Curricula,
  • Ensure that Symposion maintains a broad representation of partners within the educational field,
  • Develop the network by promoting various activities among teacher students and teacher education staff such as study trips, short placements, communication through ICT, etc.
  • Facilitate contacts for other courses and programmes offered by the partner institutions,
  • Promote demand driven teaching staff mobility among us,
  • Update bilateral agreements to maintain and promote student and staff exchanges.