Symposion - fostering an international dimension in teacher education 

„Symposion“ is a network of European Teacher Education institutions and serves as a platform for developing and encouraging cooperation and promoting an international dimension in Educational Fields.

Because of the nearly world wide „Covid 19“ crisis, the 2020 Symposion Network meeting in Caen, France had to be postponed. The physical meeting is now planned to take place in autumn 2021. As soon as the steering team has agreed on an exact date, we will publish here. There will a short virtual meeting for preperation on June 15th. Stay tuned and well! 

See here Symposion Network’s steering team members statements about Symposion and its benefits: 

Kathrin Bladh, Linnaeus University, Växjö, Sweden 

Ben Bartels, HAN University, Nijmegen, Netherlands 

Lonnie Stahl, University College Absalon, Roskilde, Denmark 

Miquel Robert, University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain 

Roswitha Stütz, University of Education Upper Austria, Linz, Austria 

See here PHTV’s TV live broadcast with Symposion Members during the Symposion Meeting 2018 in Linz, Austria: 

Symposion Network Mission Statement: